Installation and selection of smart home installations - the rules of Smart Building elements arrangement

Home Intelligence creates different elements responsible for the operation of individual devices. If we choose a modern apartment control system, doing everyday activities will be a real pleasure for us. In this article we will advise you on how to install a smart home installation so that all the equipment is in sync.

What is a smart home and why is it worth investing in it?

Smart Home is a special installation that we can control with a tablet, smartphone or laptop. In practice, it looks like having a smart device and tablet application in your apartment, you can close the window, cover the roller blind, make a coffee or even turn off the light or let the water run into the bath without moving from the sofa. It's a brilliant technology that makes life easier for thousands of people every day. Why invest in it?

smart home investment

Above all, this will save us a lot of time, which we can spend on other activities than just vacuuming the apartment or inserting and drying the laundry. The second issue is the safety of the apartment and the household. By installing cameras in the area around the house or hallway, we can use the phone or tablet to check what is going on outside the apartment while we are on holiday or at work, for example.

How much does a smart home cost and how to operate it?

This is probably the most important and at the same time the most difficult question asked by people willing to install smart service in their apartment. It is worth mentioning immediately that the final price is mobile and depends on many factors. What are they?

  1. The number of devices in the apartment that will have a smart function.
  2. The range of functions that these devices will have to perform.
  3. The size of the apartment and the distances from the individual elements with smart function.

For example, if we decide to mount a smart camera that will have sensors, we will pay for such a service several hundred PLN (400-900 PLN).

And how to operate a smart home to really make our life and everyday activities easier? First of all, we need to have a device such as a tablet or phone with a smart and wi-fi application. This works so that we can open a smart window from anywhere in the house or, for example, turn on the coffee machine or turn on the cooling in the fridge.

How to create a smart home?

Whether we want to have a smart home is best decided when designing a flat. This means that all necessary functions will be installed gradually as the construction work progresses and we will save a lot of money. We can also use ready-made projects of houses with smart function. These solutions are useful for people who have never been in contact with house design and construction or smart home functions before.

smart home

It is also worth knowing that setting up a smart home right at the construction site will be much less expensive, because all the necessary installations will be carried out immediately. Communication between the devices takes place by means of sensors located in different parts of the house. These are motion, smoke, light, temperature, etc. sensors. After selecting the appropriate devices, we distribute 230 V cables. All sensors and low-voltage installation are connected before the plaster is laid on the walls. Remember to make at least a working drawing, where what is placed, so that there are no problems in case of possible repairs. The next stage of installation is the selection and arrangement of controllers and the connection and setting of control devices.

You can find more information about smart home at domoweklimaty.pl.

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