Is it possible to protect Wi-Fi against burglary?

Using the Internet involves some risks, especially if it is a wireless network. In the absence of adequate protection, data may be lost, resulting in hacking into the post office or even bank account. Is it possible to protect your Wi-Fi network against intrusion? If so, how do you do it?

Complicated password and security protocol

When securing Wi-Fi networks, it is very important to choose a complicated password as well as an appropriate security protocol. As for the password, it should contain a large number of characters and consist of both upper and lower case letters and numbers. This way it will be difficult for a hacker to guess, even if he uses advanced software for this purpose. As far as the security protocol is concerned, WPA-2, which uses 128-bit cryptographic keys and has significantly fewer security vulnerabilities than other, already used protocols, will do well.

Changing the LAN IP address of the router

Few people know that every router has a default IP address set to This simplifies hacking into the network. However, changing its last number (e.g. may reduce this risk. You can make changes to the network settings on your computer or other hardware.

Changing the router's administrator password

When you connect the router for the first time, you should also change its default administrator password, which allows you to access its settings. When a cybercriminal breaks into a router's account, he can access multiple devices connected to it at once.

Disabling the router's WPS function

The WPS feature, which is available on many DSL routers, provides great convenience in establishing a connection to a Wi-Fi network. This is due to the fact that when unlocked, you can connect to such a network by entering the PIN number, which is available on the router sticker. However, it is worth giving it up, as it makes it easier for cybercriminals or people who want to use the link to hack into someone else's network, which weakens data transfer. This is especially true when using signal amplifiers, such as the INEA Premium Wi-Fi device, which allows you to use high quality Internet in an apartment with a large number of rooms, so that the Wi-Fi signal can also be strong behind a neighbour's wall.

Firmware upgrade in the router

To ensure proper protection of Wi-Fi networks, it is also worthwhile to update the firmware of the router distributing the Internet to different devices from time to time. For this purpose, you should regularly check the manufacturer's website to see if there are any software updates. These are often patches that fixes vulnerabilities in router security against hacking attacks.

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