Is it worth playing games?

Are your family or friends complaining that you're sitting in front of a computer and "just wasting time"? Many video game lovers hear such comments about themselves. However, it turns out that playing games has many advantages. Meet them so that next time you can fend off attacks from loved ones!

Brain-feeding games

When playing games, do you really spend your time unproductively and learn nothing? Absolutely not! Time spent in front of a computer or console is often also a time of... personal development. Research shows that arcade games increase our decision-making skills, improve our reflexes and are a concentration training. Strategy games, on the other hand, help you to improve your management skills and anticipate the consequences of your choices. There are also many titles that also contribute to our creativity and out-of-the-box thinking - these are mainly those games where our task is to build our own city or house. Games where it is necessary to form a team with other players - for example, some shooters - also improve interpersonal skills, which are crucial in today's labour market. As we play many games in English, we can also improve our foreign language skills.

The myth of the gay lonely

Many people think that people who like to play games escape from loneliness while reducing their chances of meeting new people. It turns out that this is not true - after all, many games offer a multiplayer option, so it is possible to meet other people in the game. Some titles (such as World of Tanks, Counter Strike Global Offensive) bring together numerous fans who meet in online forums as well as in real life. Playing together can be the beginning of a new friendship or relationship, just like meeting accidentally in a park. There are also a lot of family games - suitable even for very young children, where you can have a great time with your loved ones. Some of them also contain educational accents, so that they support the development of our years - and as we all know, toddlers are most likely to learn through play!

Size is the key to happiness

On the other hand, it is impossible not to mention that playing games can also have its dark side. There is a lot of talk today about addiction to games and the Internet - in order not to fall into the clutches of addiction, it is worth having other hobbies besides video games and not spending whole days in front of the screen. The games should also be suitable for the age of the player - the PEGI stamps on the packaging should be an indication of whether or not we should buy a game for example for our children. Games with a lot of aggression and vulgar vocabulary are only suitable for adults - if we follow these restrictions, computer games will not be a threat to us, but a source of great entertainment!

Today, computer games are not only an entertainment for adolescents, but also a way to relax for educated, "set" people in life. So let's enjoy the presence of excellent titles on the market and play... for our own development!

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