Electromagnetic weapons - a threat to the modern world?

The modern world would not exist without access to telecommunication and IT equipment, whose operation is based on low voltage. In the past, the systems operated at slightly higher voltages, as a result of which they were less vulnerable to electromagnetic interference. Today's reality of closely interlinked electronic circuits is a weak point that can be struck by the E weapon, which causes electromagnetic interference.

Humanitarian weapons?

The reason for the development of this type of conventional weapons is primarily the modern world based on virtual means of communication and the growing demand for information. Such a functioning reality is a perfect construction in which even a small error can be tragic. Terrorists and hackers are only waiting for human error - to disrupt properly functioning systems.

Paradoxically, this type of weapon in conflict will not cause direct loss of human life - however, the consequences of its use may lead to problems with access to water or communication, adversely affect economic issues and, consequently, cause risks that may cause real material damage.

Electromagnetic weapons will not directly deprive people of their lives, but will contribute to killing the infrastructure, which in turn can make human survival difficult. For this reason, it is often said to be a humanitarian weapon. It strikes at critical points - not entire cities, buildings and people. It doesn't cause any damage and is inexpensive. It allows you to achieve your goals without fear of causing material damage for which you would have to pay in the future. In addition, in the case of aerial weapons, we are dealing here with unusual impact precision and the possibility of adapting the attack to a given area.

Chaos, astonishment, powerlessness

Locked elevators, dark offices, computers that don't work... This could happen to us after the electromagnetic bomb hit. It is hard for us to imagine that suddenly, in gigantic areas, everything goes off, calms down, becomes still. There's nothing you can do. Repairs will take time. The use of firearms or weapons without a permit (read http://legalna-bron.pl/bron-bez-pozwolenia/) will not solve the case. After all, no one attacked us directly, so there's no chance to defend ourselves. All that remains is to hope that we will never participate directly in this kind of attack. Although out of the two evils, each of us would probably choose this over a deadly nuclear, chemical or biological weapon...



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