LED illuminator and classic solutions

Thanks to the fact that it emits eye-friendly light, the LED illuminator is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The type of light radiation really depends on the individual needs of the customer, as it can emit warm, neutral or cold light. In addition, LED illuminators have a utility function - they can illuminate private areas (e.g. houses, gardens, backyards, etc.), as well as public areas (e.g. driveways, playgrounds, sheds, etc.).

LED illuminators are not really a more expensive solution than classic illuminators, although on the shelves their prices are higher. However, they are characterized by a longer service life and better operational resistance, which directly translates into electricity prices. For example, if we replace a 30 W bulb with a corresponding 4 W LED bulb, the lower power consumption will save a lot of money, even in the order of 90 PLN per year. This can be seen especially in permanently lit places, such as parks or company buildings. It is therefore worth investing in LED lighting, which is ultimately simply cheaper.

LED illuminators, their advantages and types

LED displays have many advantages. It's a feature:

- long life, compared to traditional lighting,

- low power consumption,

- easy assembly,

- modern design,

- RHOS and CE certificates, stating that they do not contain substances harmful to the environment and health.

The LED displays are available with or without motion detector. An LED display with motion detector with external illumination saves a lot of money because it switches on when it detects someone else's presence. This ensures that the selected area is properly illuminated when needed, and at the same time eliminates unnecessary energy consumption. So it is not only economical, but also ecological. An additional advantage of the motion detector LED display is the very short response time after switching on.

We also distinguish between LED displays by the colour of the light emitted. And, as we have already mentioned, we distinguish between warm, cold or neutral floodlights. When choosing them, it is also worth to pay attention to the level of tightness of the product.

LED illuminators - wide range, best choice

High quality LED displays are available in many online shops. We have a wide range of products here, so everyone will surely choose something suitable for their needs. Led-lab floodlights are characterized by a tight and durable housing, which makes them resistant to weather conditions. They can be successfully used both inside and outside buildings. Of course you also have a choice of versions with or without motion detector. In addition, we offer LED illuminators of various power ratings - from 10 W to 100 W. Thus, our LED illuminators will perfectly illuminate: entrances and driveways, parking lots, gardens, stairs, backyards, cellars, construction sites, workshops, warehouses and other similar places.

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