CNC machining - what should you know about it?

The constantly developing technology has had a very positive impact on many areas of our everyday life and has opened up huge opportunities for us. This is perfectly visible in the broadly understood industry, which has changed beyond recognition over the last decades. New technologies have made processes that until recently required a huge amount of workload, today they are performed quickly and automatically. This does not affect product quality at all. On the contrary, a lot of work can thus be done much more accurately. This means that machines can work much better than people.


The abbreviation CNC means "Computerized Numerical Control". This can be translated in many ways - the simplest term is simply computer numerical control. The whole consists of a special system that allows numerical control of the operation of many machines used to process individual materials. Thanks to the use of CNC, processing of many materials and cutting out specific shapes from them has become much easier and faster.

There are many machines that can use CNC technology. These are all kinds of milling machines, cutters, engravers, lathes and many others. The whole process of material processing consists of several stages. CAD is the design of an object to be obtained from such work. CAM is a computer-aided manufacturing process. It is only at the end that the CNC stage comes, which is basically the culmination of the previous elements and their realization.

cnc processing

photo: pragmaplus.pl

CNC programming and machining

CNC technology is very versatile. It is widely used in many different fields, where it greatly supports production processes. In addition, the software itself to operate such systems is constantly evolving. Designing elements to be made with a particular machine in a good program is almost limitless. This means that not only stenciled elements can be produced without any problem, but also very customized and with intricate shapes.

With the help of such software, the machine operator has at all times precise control over the production process. At any time he can interrupt his work and make various corrections to his project. Thanks to the use of CNC technology, the quality of many products has improved significantly and their price has decreased. This is due to the fact that the computer system works with much greater precision than even the most experienced person. The cost of production and the time needed to produce specific elements have also decreased. Customers looking for customized products made to order also have no more problems with buying what they need.

The technology is also very versatile. It can be installed in many types of machine tools, so it can work with almost any material.

CNC milling

The CNC milling process itself is quite simple in the general definition. It is only about removing the right amount of material from the sheet until it reaches a certain shape. Milling machines are used for this work. There are several types of such machines and several types of milling process itself. The best solutions are usually chosen based on the material to be treated. Individual technologies may work quite differently for specific materials. Choosing the wrong solution may have a poor impact on the quality and outcome of the work, which makes such a large variation of this technology fully justified.



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