Modern software revolutionizes the hair & beauty industry

Modern software revolutionizes the hair & beauty industry More and more owners of hairdressing salons and beauty salons decide to manage their business with modern software. Versum, the most popular software of this type in Poland, has gained over 13 000 users in just a few years. Why have laptops and smartphones replaced paper schedules? Here are 5 reasons why the hair & beauty industry has undergone a real revolution.

1. full control over bookings

The paperwork's gone. Full of deletion calendars in hairdressing salons and beauty salons also. All because planning with software is simply much easier. In the case of Versum, authorised persons in the company have access to the software from the browser. There, they record details of the visit schedule in a virtual schedule. Saving a reservation or modifying it takes only a few dozen seconds. All data is updated on an ongoing basis, so that company employees always have access to the current schedule. Moreover, in the case of Versum, it is also synchronized with the online booking system used by customers. They can choose between the available dates, and when they interrupt a date and time, information about them automatically goes to the company's schedule.

2. employee management

The software greatly simplifies personnel management. First of all, thanks to the intelligent reservation system, customers can only book treatments with employees who will be available at the chosen time. What is more, the software also makes it easier to account for employees. How is that possible? Versum collects detailed information on the number of hours worked and services provided. The owner accounts for employees, generating a report at the end of the month detailing turnover and commissions. It's an excellent basis for a quick paycheck. What is important, such a solution also allows for constant control over the condition of the cash register.

3. promotion and acquisition of new customers

Few owners of hairdressing salons and beauty salons can afford real advertising. With Versum, they can easily undertake promotional activities, which directly reach the company's customers. One of them are text messages and e-mails with news about discounts and promotions. It's a proven way of keeping the regulars. Importantly, the software itself analyses the frequency of visits and preferences of a specific customer and automatically sends promotional content. Text messages and emails can also remind you of upcoming treatments or be an invitation to your next visit. All data on the effectiveness of promotional campaigns are collected in the form of statistics, so that you can quickly check the effectiveness of the actions taken.

4. control over the business

The success of a hair & beauty company is not only determined by professional customer service. Business management also means controlling many aspects, such as formalities or orders. Thanks to Versum, the owner of the company has constant access to various data concerning his business, on the basis of which statistics are generated. Tracking them allows you to optimize salon expenses and increase its revenue. They also enable a rapid response in the event of a crisis. The software also collects information about planned visits. They not only allow for revenue forecasting, but also inform the owner whether he should replenish his stock and control retail sales.

5. Comfort

With the software, the owner of a hairdressing salon or beauty salon can keep his hand on the pulse at all times. Whether he's at work, on vacation or off, he can log into the system and see if everything is going well for him. It is worth noting that the information contained in Versum is safe - this also applies to customers' personal data. They can only be accessed by selected people (the owner decides which employees can see specific information).

With software for managing hair & beauty companies, their owners gain the most important capital - time. They can constantly supervise the company and employees. What is more, the software also allows to undertake promotional activities that would otherwise be outsourced. It is worth adding that, unlike the classic calendar, a virtual calendar cannot get lost or destroyed, which in case of paper documentation would be a real disaster.

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