Optimization of websites - how to do it right?

The website is a basic tool for communication between the company and the client. Thanks to websites it is possible to promote a given company or product, as well as to build a brand image, thus it is a very good support for marketing activities. It can also be an effective distribution channel. However, in order to bring benefits to the company, it must be properly designed, that is why it is so important to optimize the websites.

Yesterday's and today's websites

A dozen or so years ago, such activities were not needed at all. The Internet was not so common, and most companies underestimated its potential. Then it was enough to set up a small, simple website or an online business card for customers interested in a given product or service to find a suitable/conscious company.

Today, however, the situation is radically different, as the Internet is overloaded with often unnecessary information. Virtually all the time new websites, blogs and domains are being created, so website optimization is needed to be noticed on the Internet. Even the most interesting and original content will be difficult to defend if search engines do not index it highly.

Website optimization - what is it?

SEO optimization consists in adapting the website to search engine standards, and in practice to the most popular one, which is undoubtedly Google. Individual elements of the website, as well as its content and graphics, are optimized. Thanks to these treatments the website is more visible and readable for search engine robots.

The website optimisation process should be preceded by a SEO audit, on the basis of which a few months' strategy of website optimisation and linking is developed. This report contains recommendations, comments and guidelines for action within the examined party.

The individual optimisation steps

Optimization of the website can be done during its creation, as well as after it has been created and published on the Internet. You can either take care of it yourself or have it handled by a specialized company or agency.

The creation or improvement of the website is done in several stages. At the beginning, the needs of the website owner are taken into account, the offer and competition are reviewed and the so-called target group is verified. After developing the functional design of the website, we move on to the implementation of the graphic design, obviously based on previous assumptions. The implemented website should be tested and any corrections made.

Each of the stages is very important, and the negligence of any of them may result in the websites not functioning properly, which in practice means that they will not be visible on the Internet and the client will not reach them.

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