PVC windows - the art of good choice

PVC windows are the best choice. Polish consumers seem to agree with such a statement, as evidenced by the incredible popularity of plastic window frames in the country on the Vistula. It is widely known that it is warm and resistant to many adverse factors. When choosing PVC windows, however, it is worth paying attention to details.

Gaskets, hoists and fittings, i.e. what affects the durability of a PVC window

Many factors will determine the durability of a PVC window. Starting with invisible mechanisms, placed in the frame, through professional welding of the profile to the correct installation in the wall. Currently there is a lot of talk about window tightness as a factor determining the energy efficiency of window joinery. The gaskets are responsible for it. These professionally made ones protect against the intrusion of cool air into the interior, while at the same time acting as a barrier to moisture.

Modern PVC windows are increasingly glazed. Technological progress has made it possible to make PVC profiles resistant to significant loads. Opening large balcony doors would be difficult without a sash lift. It is worth paying attention to this element when buying window joinery for your home.

The basic element of PVC window construction are also fittings. They should be properly protected against corrosion, their location and correct installation are of great importance. The fittings make it easy to open the window. And when closed, the sash and frame will create a tight barrier against wind, rain and air coming in from outside. Modern fittings are reinforced with anti-burglary hooks, currently recommended to all customers. No matter where they live or where their building is located.

Informed customer chooses better PVC windows

The purchase of window joinery should be preceded by a comparison of different market proposals. - We talk to customers, we present them with even the smallest details related to the execution of a PVC window. In this way, we contribute to the promotion of energy efficiency in Polish society - emphasizes an employee of one of the showrooms offering windows.

Sharing information with a prospective buyer allows the latter to make the best decision and adjust the windows to the specific needs. A satisfied customer encourages others. And in the event of further purchases, he again uses the offer of a proven brand. It is therefore not worth convincing people of the most expensive models in the range. The top brands have seen this for a long time. There is no such thing as a perfect window for everyone. User satisfaction is primarily influenced by the individual adaptation of the product. An example? Some PVC windows are equipped with panes that allow more sunlight to pass through. They can heat up the interior, but the condition will be to install them on the southern wall of the building. Then they will actually translate into reduced energy needs. In more shaded areas, it is better to use profiles with increased tightness. PVC windows facing north must particularly protect rooms from the cold coming in from outside.

The effectiveness of individual approach to the selection of profiles is also proven by their resistance to noise penetration. Residents of large cities or areas close to the airport will benefit from the choice of a PVC window with improved acoustic properties. As you can see, the choice of window joinery cannot, and certainly should not, come down to the issue of aesthetics. The thermal insulation coefficient is of course important, but other criteria must also be taken into account.

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