Smartphones for the creative

Smartphones are miniature, touch-operated computers in our pockets. Many of us use them for work and entertainment, but their capabilities are also great for people who want to express themselves in different areas of creative activity. What specific features of smartphones deserve creative attention and which phones help to make the most of this potential?

What smartphones for the creative?

No matter what you do, you're probably able to use your smartphone for this. Thanks to the high performance of these devices and the huge number of applications available, there is nothing to prevent you from spending your time, for example, in public transport or waiting rooms, on photo processing, music production or writing.

Some models have some facilities that will be appreciated by those who want to work creatively with a smartphone. For example, the Samsung Galaxy A6 has the ability to open two apps on the display at the same time, and the Huawei P20 Pro saves photos in lossless RAW format. No matter what exactly we would like to do on a smartphone, we will certainly need good processing power and a relatively large screen to conveniently operate creative applications that often have a slightly more complicated interface than commonly used browsers and instant messengers. You will also need a lot of memory so that you can record the effects of your work.

The most interesting smartphones for the creative

By creating this list, we have tried to select models from different price shelves and those that have features valuable to representatives of various creative industries. We also took into account only the novelties on the smartphone market.

The latest iPhone, XS continues Apple's long tradition of creating fast, intuitive and reliable devices that are very popular in the creative industry. The Super Retina display and software included in the iOS environment provide comfort and versatility.

The Samsung Galaxy A6 is a convenient smartphone with many features for creative people, such as easy data synchronization in the cloud, the ability to support two applications simultaneously and an advanced photo editor. The Samsung A6 also has a large and bright AMOLED display for comfort.
In a slightly higher shelf than the Samsung A6 we can find e.g. Huawei P20 Pro, which is a dream device for photographers. It has as many as three lenses, one of which is for black-and-white photography, the RAW format photo function, as well as AI image correction.
Honor View 20 is a device with impressive computing power that will ensure smooth use of even very advanced applications. It also features a large (6.4 inches) screen, whose size certainly makes any creative work easier.

Of course, regardless of whether we decide on a relatively inexpensive model such as the Samsung A6 or a more expensive smartphone such as Honor View 20, we will only be able to work with the right applications. While picture processing software is usually found on most standard phones, if you plan to edit films or make music, you may need to install external software. When planning a budget for your smartphone, it is worth remembering that not all of these applications can be free.

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