The advantages of analogue photography

We have many supporters of analogue photography who try to praise its practicality and nobility on forums. The monochromatic pictures are, above all, a perfect souvenir for life. A picture taken in this way, even if it was not well framed, has a lot of artistry in it.

For it is a form of a unique shot that can fascinate and excite. It's the same with the equipment itself. Analogue cameras are currently not losing their popularity. On the contrary, for many collectors such cameras are a real treat.

In fact, for many people it's like collecting old cars and it's a lot of fun. However, digital photos are very rarely printed by us. We collect them much more often in folders within social networking sites. Nowadays, with great technological progress, we have better and better apparatuses and thus we also need to have modernised computers for them.

At the moment, models from a few years ago are losing value. Analogue photography teaches patience and discipline. When we have only 36 possible shots in the camera we will try to take care of every shot.

Analogue photography

With every picture you will need focus and commitment to make your work successful. However, when the shot can be repeated many times as with digital cameras we have the photographer's demobilization. With an analogue camera, you can really learn the basics of taking pictures.

Brett Weston, who is an excellent American photographer, claimed that people think that taking a picture is easy. But in reality, it is difficult. This is a matter that is also related to the capabilities of the equipment we have, Too many possibilities can be a hindrance and not an easy one. Therefore, we encourage you to limit your equipment and its options.

Taking pictures deliberately is art. A minimalist apartment doesn't have to be a problem. On the contrary. Sometimes we learn creativity through this camera. When taking pictures, we should assume in advance what form we want to take, whether it be a color photo, sepia or black and white. When we have colorful pictures we have to show people's clothes, or black and white we show their soul. A picture needs time, it's not worth taking it fast.



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