The biggest e-sport events in Poland

E-sport has become a very serious competition, for traditional sports, as it is attracting more and more observers and promoting excellent players, who are also constantly growing.

Not only is our native e-sport not inferior to foreign ones, but it is also very high in the international environment. We have a lot of ambitious and talented players, so we're getting to the heights. Since the field is very timely and constantly growing, there are indeed a lot of e-sport events organised in the country. There are many of them and there are more and more, so even beginner players have a chance to show off and win a title that will motivate them to continue working hard during training.

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Apart from a lot of smaller tournaments, there are currently several really serious gaming events in Poland, which focus on millions of pairs of eyes. These tournaments are really professional players who practice a few to several hours a day for weeks. Among the very well known and appreciated teams is, for example, the Virtus.Pro team, which is certainly well known to all those who follow the activities of the strongest e-sporters in the international arena. At these biggest e-sports events, the right setting for the event also appears. Players taking part in the competition use the best computer equipment and specialist furniture, such as comfortable gaming chairs. Seats from brands such as Akracing and DXRacer are the most common, as these are some of the best-adapted armchairs that players love. Events are supported by dedicated shops for players, which prepare occasional contests for guests.

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One of such great events is Intel Extreme Masters, which takes place periodically in Katowice. During the event, the Katowice Spodek is bursting at the seams, because there are more and more participants every year. This is not surprising, because it is a world championship in computer games, so e-sport enthusiasts and players from all over the world appear here. The teams that play in the Katowice final are selected beforehand in eliminations, which also take place in other countries. So the cream of teams from all over the globe is gathering in the bottom. The event is well thought-out and intelligently developed in terms of accompanying events. In addition to the tournament, which selects the world champions in individual competitions, the neighbouring International Congress Centre hosts the IEM Expo virtual entertainment fair in parallel. Anyone who wants to find out about the latest developments in the industry, to get acquainted with the current offer of different brands of gaming equipment, should be at this fair. You can see the latest gaming armchairs, buy innovative accessories as well as T-shirts and gadgets related to virtual sports. The whole range is made up of native gaming shops.

The second important event for players and e-sport enthusiasts taking place in our country is the Warsaw Good Game Fair, which is taking place for the second time this year. Although the event is young, it is promising for the future, because its organization is well thought-out. For a few days Warsaw is then becoming the capital of the gaming-game, and a number of planned events accompanying the event are to meet all expectations of both exhibitors and visitors to the fair. This year, tournaments will be held there, including retro games, which will surely delight the older generation of computer entertainment lovers. During the fair there will be an opportunity to participate in presentations of the latest equipment for players and the latest games. The most important brands in the industry such as Akracing will set up their stands there. Whoever feels like it will be able to meet their favorite Youtber in the star zone. The organizers made sure that the event was attractive for both exhibitors and those who decide to be its guests.

In the autumn, the Poznań Game Arena, Poland's largest fair for computer games, is waiting for e-sport enthusiasts. There will surely be players from all over the country who will want to see novelties - both from game developers and player accessories. No one's gonna miss the impressions, so it's definitely worth being there.

Going to any of these events we have to be prepared for a lot of emotions and many attractions, because gaming is a sport full of dynamism that warms up crowds.

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