The most modern led screen in Poland since Concept Music Art

The event company Content Music Art, as a constantly developing agency, constantly expanding its offer, in order to increase to the maximum the quality of provided services, is the first in Poland to come into possession of an ultra-modern solution which is the MA 590 LED screen. In the care of all our clients, we invest in the latest possible stage equipment available on the market. If you want to surprise or enchant the invited guests and the audience, with this led screen we guarantee success. This model of LED screen is perfect for various events such as conferences, concerts or gala.

1200 m2 of projection area

The CMA event company provides customers with the largest, in the whole of Poland, LED screen projection area coming from one batch. Due to technical limitations, it is not possible to produce identical diodes in two different production runs, so an unprecedented and very rare phenomenon, which is especially impressive, is the homogeneous projection area of 1200 m2. With such a giant stage screen, you can create truly amazing and unique, world-class events. In the hands of the best professionals, this LED screen for rent can help you create great events. As an agency dealing with the organization of mass events on a daily basis, we offer extensive advice on this subject, as well as creative and enthusiastic staff of qualified employees.

The Concept Music Art agency's team consists only of the best designers and set designers whose passion is the work they do. So it seems obvious that these people, having at their disposal such excellent equipment as the 590 LED screen, are able to surprise and enchant guests with even the most sublime tastes, who think that they have already seen everything and feel bored with repetitive and predictable motives at events.

Can be arranged as desired

The mentioned LED screen provides almost unlimited possibilities in terms of event arrangement and set design. A modern, intuitive system of combining individual modules, allows you to expand the screen to the desired size at will. The possibility of setting individual elements of the integrated system at an angle of 15 degrees to each other allows to create an extremely grotesque serpentine construction. Such a procedure gives an unconventional effect and gives an avant-garde overtones to the whole. The only limitation to using the possibilities of a multimedia screen is imagination and creativity. The advanced technology of the solution allows for a breathtaking arrangement of every event, regardless of its subject.

Empty scenographic frames allow the screen to be placed at a height of up to 1.5 meters. Lifting the LED screen on the brackets also creates an additional possibility of arranging the stage and surroundings. Elements of the decor can be attached and hung literally on everything, and every empty space is even asked to be filled with decorations that fit into the atmosphere of the event. The integrated and intuitive system of connecting the individual elements is extremely simple to use and almost faultless. Fitted like huge puzzles, individual fragments of a large whole, they allow you to freely adjust and add more diode screens from different sides. This solution allows you to freely create the desired shape and size of the final multimedia screen. Despite such high values and surfaces, the whole, regardless of the chosen shape and conditions, always remains extremely stable and safe. In Concept Music Art we attach the highest importance to the quality of service, accuracy and safety, which equals absolute adherence to the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations during the installation of such elements as concert screens, as well as sound systems, fragments of scenery, decorations, etc. Under no circumstances do you have to worry about the risk of accidents caused by omissions or omissions so frequent in the technical setting of any event. As an agency of Concept Music Art we guarantee full professionalism and reliability for years, which you can rely on without the slightest hesitation.

Reliable in all weathers and temperatures

One of the biggest advantages of our latest LED screen is its total resistance to weather conditions. The MA 590 LED screen perfectly tolerates both high, positive temperatures and long hours of exposure to the full burning sun, as well as frost or humidity. Rain and snow are completely harmless for our multimedia screen. This is definitely one of the most important features, due to the fact that many events, especially concerts and festivals take place under the open sky. With full awareness and responsibility, we can ensure that no weather affects the performance of our revolutionary stage screen. What is more, apart from the fact that the LED screen is technically resistant to weather conditions, no aura interferes in the slightest with the reception of the image and the comfort of using the device. You don't have to be afraid of a split image caused by water droplets or other unaesthetic disorders.

Closely connected with the resistance to weather conditions, the features of our LED screen are black diodes. Classic diodes, due to their bright, creamy color, are highly visible in sharp sunlight, which of course significantly impairs the comfort of image reception. In the case of our LED screen, each diode is covered with a thin layer of black plastic, which lets the light through, which allows to significantly increase the contrast of the final image.

Another huge advantage and revolutionary feature of this led screen model are the diodes working on sixteen bits. This is one of the greatest values available on the market, which translates into real image reception. While the difference in the image viewed in person is not spectacular, the real shock can be experienced by browsing through the photos and recordings of the events. You may have been unpleasantly surprised many times while watching photos from concerts or presentations, where LED screens presented a poor quality image. In order to meet the needs of our clients, who conduct trainings for large audiences, give concerts or take part in other large events, whose inherent element is almost continuous sound and image recording, we have just invested in a LED screen MA 590.

We encourage you to visit our website and contact our specialists. We will answer all your questions and doubts about our latest concert screen. Both information on technical and electronic operations, as well as simple and accessible descriptions of how to operate, operate and make maximum use of the equipment are our speciality. Our company employs specialists with many years of experience in the field of stage equipment, which in a real way translates into the quality of provided services. We strongly encourage you to browse the Concept Music Art agency's website, where you will find a range of technical information, both on our newest, unusual purchase, i.e. the MA 590 screen, but also on other scenographic elements, decorations and sound equipment. On the company's website, you can also get to know most of our qualified staff. People working in Concept Music Art are only people with passion and experience who want to share their knowledge with the world by organizing unique, unforgettable and arranged in a really amazing way events.



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