The smart appliances of the future will take care of your garden

What will the lawnmower of the future be like? It certainly won't look like it does now. The future is so-called smart devices. They work alone even when we're not around. There are already applications available that allow you to control devices from a distance.

- In the near future the devices will change a lot. They will be more intelligent and respond to your needs. The equipment will be able to

to lock and unlock at any given time. We will be able to see how our garden mower works from a distance," says newsrm.tv Maciej Konieczny, Sales and Marketing Manager at Husqvarna.A well-kept garden

There are already applications available that allow you to commission your lawn mower. We can remotely check where he is, what he's doing, and that's not the end of the story, as Maciej Konieczny ensures: - As soon as the weather conditions change, e.g. it starts raining, we can have the mower return to the garage. The future is an augmented reality, e.g. a hedge trimmer equipped with a face shield on which the operator will be able to observe machine parameters.

Technological solutions in smart cities are not only about improving the living conditions of their inhabitants. It also increases work efficiency and modern solutions for business. Today, technology allows us to create machines that communicate with us and improve our lives.

An example? A prototype of an intelligent lithium battery with an integrated Bluetooth module ("connected battery"). The intelligent battery will allow the machine user to collect valuable information about its operation in real time. In addition, the battery can be connected to a smartphone or smartphone to send information to the operator of the equipment or other members of his team, such as other operators, managers, technicians or dealers.

With real-time data transfer capabilities, landscape architecture companies can maximize the productivity of their tools and employees. No more downtime and unexpected machine park inspections. The device itself will inform the manager or technician of the need for necessary repairs and maintenance.

The operator will be able to improve his skills thanks to the feedback from the device. Intelligent solutions also increase security both against theft and against unauthorized use. In addition, from now on, team members will be able to communicate better with each other and the manager will be able to plan his or her working day better.

Source: newsrm.tv


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