Tracking a company phone - is that possible and legal?

employee tracking

Undoubtedly, the priority for every entrepreneur is to guarantee an appropriate level of security of his or her business. Unfortunately, nowadays it is not possible to limit oneself to physical security measures in the form of hiring security agencies.

Equally important is the concern for IT safeguards to protect personal and other relevant data. I guess every entrepreneur is aware that even the slightest data leakage can have significant financial consequences. Therefore, more and more business owners and companies decide to continuously monitor the phones and laptops of their subordinates.GPS

The security of the company's interests is not the only motivating impulse for entrepreneurs, as most of them want to assess the quality of their work in this way - especially if their profession is based on field activities. To check if the employee is in his designated location, it is sufficient to locate the location of his company phone.


This is possible thanks to the unique International Mobile Equipment Identity number, IMEI for short. In addition, the device must be within the range of at least 3 base stations. Such a location method will only work well in the city, outside the center the signal will not be too clear, so the location determination will not be too precise.


Another way to track your business phone is to use an application based on the Global Positioning System, a system known as GPS. Today, most phones have a receiver. This, in turn, thanks to special software in combination with satellite navigation, allows the exact location of the device. The biggest advantage of such a system is its precise location. Moreover, thanks to modern solutions, this method provides many other, additional options, which will certainly be helpful not only when monitoring employees, but also when the phone is lost or stolen.



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