Use of electric forklifts

MW forklift trucks belong to the basic equipment of warehouses, production halls, large-format shops, as well as construction sites. They are divided into the following types of drive unit, depending on the type of drive used: combustion, gas and electric. In enclosed spaces, it is best to use battery-powered electric carts. These forks are characterized by low noise level and no harmful emissions.

The rules concerning safe work with a forklift truck are laid down in the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 10 May 2002. Due to the absence of harmful exhaust emissions in enclosed spaces, it is recommended to use electric trolleys which are powered by a battery. The main advantage of this equipment is its environmental friendliness as well as work efficiency.

Use of electric forklifts in confined spaces

The electric forklift, also known as the battery forklift, is best suited to work in closed warehouses and production halls, as well as in large-format shops. The biggest advantage of this equipment is the absence of harmful emissions, which guarantees work safety. In addition, battery-driven forks generate very low noise levels, which is particularly important in indoor operation. Other advantages of electric forklifts include: efficiency, environmental friendliness and relatively low operating costs.

Use of battery forks in open spaces

Electric forklifts are used primarily in internal transport - they are much less frequently used in open spaces. For unloading vans, as well as storing and transporting goods in the field, combustion-engine driven forklifts are better than electric trucks. Although they emit harmful exhaust fumes and work very loudly, they are much more efficient than electric carts.

Electric forklifts and cyclic operation

Electric forklifts allow a maximum of eight hours of uninterrupted operation. This type of equipment is equipped with a three-phase current drive, which makes these forks efficient and relatively cheap to use. The disadvantage of electric forklifts is the problem in their cyclical operation, which requires changing batteries every eight hours on average. For this reason, it is best to choose forklift trucks equipped with a lateral battery change system

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