Visibility in Google Search Console - check key phrases

The visibility of key phrases in the Google Search Console has a huge connection with positioning, which plays an unquestionable role in the process of building the position of a product, service or company in the network. Google Search, which is used by more than 93% of all Internet users within a month, will enable you to gain high positions in organic performance by following specific guidelines.

Do you dream of TOP1 for a specific key phrase in Google? It is possible to do that. SEO and positioning activities will make you visible to other searchers. Remember, however, that these are long-term processes and once you get the first place in the search engine you are not given forever. Are you looking for support in these activities? Use the intuitive tool https://sitemeans.com/.

What is worth knowing about positioning?

If you are taking your first steps in positioning or looking for an agency to take care of it, it would be worth learning some important facts about these activities. They will certainly allow you to get to know the industry better and decide on specific solutions. The main goal of positioning is to improve the visibility of your website on Google and to get high results on organic keywords without having to pay Google, completely free of charge.

The factors that are responsible for the position of your website in the search results for given keywords are about 200. It is worth knowing at least a few of them, especially those considered by webmasters to be the most important. At the beginning, friendly URLs are usually indicated. What does that mean? Use keywords in addresses and avoid long strings of letters and characters. Another important factor is the optimization of the content on the site, i.e. including an appropriate number of keywords, using links with anchors, correct completion of title, description, headlines, etc.

The important factors influencing the position of the website are also indicated as having a responsive website, ensuring its loading speed, internal linking and correct website architecture. Last but not least, avoid copying content from other websites. This will significantly reduce the position of your site. The texts contained in it should be unique and, of course, saturated with key phrases.

Google Search Console

Visibility in Google Search Console and positioning

You can check your visibility in the Google Search Console by combining this tool with another. We're talking about Sitemeans, which gives you access to 25,000 keywords that your website displays in Google search results, on both desktop and mobile devices. Phrases are divided into position ranges, so you can easily check if your site's visibility in TOP10 increases or decreases. The tool will also indicate the average position of all words.

What's more, thanks to various filters, you can generate a view from a given day and check which phrases the website was visible and find out what words started to appear in the search engine. You will also see what phrases were in TOP1 or TOP10, including the daytime displays and the people who clicked on the result. You will also receive statistics on the URLs on your website and how they are displayed in your browser. If you click on a keyword you're monitoring, you can see its visibility on Google on the chart. This will give you the average position of the phrase, the number of views each day, the number of clicks and the click rate.



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