What are B2B IT systems?

If we want to explain what B2B systems are and at the same time think about what to do to make it precise, we need to think about B2B relationships themselves, i.e. the ones we have to deal with between the contractors working together. It should also not be forgotten that although we distinguish between both B2B and B2C systems, the borderline between them is characterised by a high degree of liquidity. Yes, it is not impossible to determine it precisely, but much depends on broad legal interpretations.

If, however, we were to put our trust in a very common understanding, B2B would be referred to as this process, which involves servicing so-called institutional clients, i.e. not only companies, but also so-called budget institutions. Of course, when looking for a B2B definition, we are not without professional support. We can talk about this in the context of the regulation issued by the Minister of Regional Development, which appeared on 13 August 2008 (and also included subsequent amendments).

The regulation referred to granting financial aid by PARP, the aim of which was to support both the creation and development of electronic economy under the EU POIG. Here we are dealing with a slightly more restrictive approach, assuming that B2B is both a service relationship and a class of ICT systems, which is to guarantee automatic commercial information and serve as a necessary link in their business processes. B2B in this light may concern cooperation taking place at different levels and in different forms, but this does not refer to the budgetary institutions mentioned earlier.

B2B is not just about creating a supply chain, although such an understanding may be most intuitive. It also concerns the establishment of relationships that are not only complex, but also long-lasting due to their nature. The relationship must cover the vast majority of the processes that make up a business, including management, sales and marketing. B2B also has a raison d'être, especially if it is a two-way relationship. The external form of such relations is primarily the IT systems themselves designed to improve it.



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