What does smartphone insurance cover?

When you buy a new smartphone, you get many additional service offers. The seller will offer, among other things, an extension of the manufacturer's warranty, he will also provide us with insurance proposals for the new gadget. What does the phone insurance service include?

On the wave of growth of the consumer electronics market, the sale of personal insurance of electronic gadgets is also growing dynamically. Insurers offer a range of products to protect the future interests of consumers in situations where repair is necessary or where the risk of equipment theft is high. The average cost of the policy is estimated at 15-30% of the object's value (source: http://www.rp.pl/Ubezpieczenia/304049879-Ubezpieczenie-elektroniki--jak-polisolokaty.html). In the European market, entities such as Gadget Cover extend the scope of protection to events that may occur as a result of unauthorised use of data stored on our smartphones. What else can you insure yourself against?

Unintentional damage

The basis of consumers' interest in Phone Insurance products is to extend the benefits covered by the manufacturer's warranty. The customers are particularly interested in securing the repairs necessary due to accidental damage or replacement of the device if it is damaged.

Loss of device

Equipment theft insurance is the basis of most insurance contracts. The ability to replace a stolen item with a new one is an important advantage of Phone Insurance products, especially for expensive everyday gadgets. In case of losing your phone, some policies provide for exclusion of liability.

Unauthorised use

Smartphones contain a number of sensitive data. In case of loss or theft they can be used by unauthorized persons, e.g. for Internet or telephone payments. Phone Insurance contracts usually specify the maximum value of the insurer's liability in such cases.

Payments by phone in the e-wallet system

Contracts available on the European market increasingly often, in addition to unauthorised use, provide for insurance against unauthorised payments made using a stolen smartphone using e-wallet tools. Of course, the involvement of insurers is limited to contractually determined values.

The benefits of smartphone insurance are many. Before choosing an offer, it is worth comparing those offered by different insurers. It is also important to make sure that the entity that will insure us is reliable. In Poland, the sale of policies for electronic equipment is not subject to supervision by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority - this is an exception to the general rule of distribution of such services. So let's make a conscious choice.

The full offer of the above-mentioned company is available at https://www.gadget-cover.com/mobile-phone-insurance.

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