What is domain registration?

The Internet domain is an element of the DNS system, which makes it possible to find certain resources on the Internet. Thanks to the Internet domain we reach a given website by entering an easy to remember name instead of the IP address. What is domain registration and what rights does the person using it have?

Registering does not mean having an Internet domain!

The customer who books a given Internet domain does not become its owner. In fact, he gets the right to use it for 12 months, so he simply has it at his disposal. Importantly, he will not be able to use it until it is paid for. It is first booked for 14 days, but if the booker does not pay for it within the assumed period, its next booking will be possible after 104 days in total. The domain will be in state - BOOK_BLOCKED. From this point on, you will have to wait 90 days before registering your domain again.

If the user pays for the domain, he uses it for 12 months. After that, he has to decide whether he wants to keep it. What happens if for some reason a client forgets to pay the domain for the next period? Nothing is lost, although the life cycle of domains, depending on the extensions, looks different. In case of domains with the .pl extension, the domain that has not been paid for the next period of time is quarantined. In practice, this means that its current subscriber has another 30 days to pay for the next period. If the payment is still unpaid, the 31st day after the first deadline the domain goes into the pool of free domains and can be registered by any user.

Domain registration - with whom?

In order to register a domain we must first select the company with which we will sign a contract. In case of .pl domains it must be a company being an accredited partner of NASK. It is an institution which acts as an operator of all domains with the .pl extension - both functional domains and regional domains (e.g. waw.pl). The list of companies which are NASK partners is generally available on the Internet at https://www.dns.pl/porozumienie/partner.html. Additionally, each company is described there so that we can find out from the list what additional services it offers. For example, the term OPTION means that a partner offers a service that gives priority to the registration of a domain that has been renounced by an existing subscriber. This is often used by people who intercept attractive domains, but not only.

How to choose a domain operator?

When choosing a domain operator, we should pay attention to several key issues. Despite the strong competition, the offers are very diverse. Let's pay attention:

  1. Domain registration price - very often companies give the possibility to register a domain without any fees or for a symbolic fee. Let us take into account how much the price of the domain extension will be in this case and whether the extension itself is mandatory.
  2. Speed of the domain search engine and availability of extensions - different domain operators give access to different extensions. As far as the speed of domain search is concerned, it is worth checking the Az.pl search engine - one of the fastest on the market.
  3. Release of the authinfo code - the authinfo code is necessary to transfer a domain to another operator. It is worth checking beforehand how it is done in a given company. Is the code automatically available in the panel? Or does it require a written request? This code, of course, enables transfer of the domain between NASK partners.
  4. Side and management panel - how long do you have to wait for a response from the customer service office? Is the Domain Management Panel easy to use? These will be quite important issues in further cooperation with the domain operator.

Our domain, but not exactly

Registering a domain allows us to use it for exactly 365 days for a fee. We are not its owners, but subscribers - and we will be until we stop paying for the service for subsequent billing periods.

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