What type of server to choose - rack, tower or pale?

Servers are devices without which data centres cannot function properly and efficiently. Their presence in network solutions makes them ideal for professional clients as they ensure efficient processing, transmission and storage of data. Servers can perform a variety of functions, individually responsible for individual parts of network solutions. The market for IT equipment for professional use is becoming more and more complex and offers a wide range of different solutions. Thanks to this, every customer can find an option that is ideal for himself and tailored to the specific needs of the company. Before making a purchase, it is worthwhile to carefully analyze the offer of available products and think about the most appropriate type of server. In this article we will try to compare three types of servers: rack, tower and blade. These are actually types of enclosures in which all server components are placed.

What is the difference between the most popular server enclosures?

Each of the three most popular server enclosure types available on the market has its own advantages and disadvantages and will work well for other types of businesses. Choosing the right type of housing is very important because it allows for more cost-effective use of space in the data center and, consequently, placing more devices in less space.

The first type of housing is a tower. Otherwise, the servers in this casing are called tower servers. This is the most optimal choice for data center administrators in smaller companies where there are no plans to purchase more servers. This type of housing resembles a classic desktop computer. However, these are often quite large and not very handy servers. Their dimensions make it difficult to place them in an overcrowded and constantly growing data centre. Surely the advantage of tower servers is the possibility to install additional components, such as additional drives, a fan or a power supply.

Another popular type of housing is rack. These are servers designed to be mounted in so-called server racks. They are ideal for larger and medium-sized companies, where there are already slightly higher expectations for server solutions. The biggest advantages of this type of equipment are: small dimensions and ease of use. Thanks to their compactness, the servers take up little space and facilitate optimal space management. Ease of use is always beneficial as the installation of the products becomes easier, as well as their operation by all the employees involved. Rack type products are available in several sizes. The smallest one is 1U, or 1.75''. The subsequent sizes are multiples of the former - 2U, 4U or 6U. A standard server rack can usually accommodate a number of modules up to 42U full. This will surely satisfy even slightly more demanding customers dealing with the administration and development of data centers in larger companies. Another advantage of this type of chassis is the integration of an individual cooling system and power supply in each module - this solves the problem of heat dissipation or supplying a constant source of energy to a complex set of efficient devices such as servers for professional use.

The last type of housing that we want to highlight in this article is pale. This is certainly a space-saving solution. This type of servers are mounted in pale enclosures. This 6U high chassis can accommodate up to 16 servers. This is a really large amount, which encourages customers looking for efficient solutions to invest in this solution. The mains interface and power supply are common to all modules. The use of a common link allows for additional reduction of operating costs, reduction of server size and facilitation of building the entire network solution.

To sum up, among the three most popular types of servers, each client should choose one that will be most beneficial for the company. Certainly the most important factors to take into account are the use of space and the cost of operating the solutions. Tower solutions will work well for smaller companies, blade and rack servers will be ideal for users who want to save space in the data center and to be able to constantly expand server racks.

HPE ProLiant - leader in the server market

One of the companies with a very wide range of server solutions is HPE ProLiant. The brand has been creating servers for professional use for many years. These devices are reliable, highly scalable and efficient. They often have additional work automation functions, which will be useful in data centers of larger corporations. Regardless of the type of chassis chosen, all HPE servers are energy-efficient, which guarantees a reduction in the overall costs of using these devices. Additionally, the company has many additional server options in its offer, which ensure pleasant and efficient use, tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Where to buy HPE's server solutions? We recommend you to use the services of Thomas it, which offers a wide range of different products of this brand. These devices are designed for both smaller and larger companies. In addition to the servers of all three types described, the range also includes a variety of additional server options.

We hope that the above article has brought the three most popular types of server enclosures a little closer. The market is constantly growing and network solutions are becoming more compact and efficient. It is worthwhile to take advantage of the latest technological developments and thus to continuously develop your company as well!

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