Where is the ice water installation used?

In offices, catering facilities, industrial plants, as well as hotels and even private homes, there is a need for the right ventilation and air conditioning system everywhere. We want to be able to enjoy the optimum temperature and humidity every day, regardless of the aura behind the window or the sunshine in the room. Instead of freon air conditioning, which is widely used around the world, you can use a modern chilled water system. How does it work and is it better than freon?

Chilled water supply cooling system

The cooling system has a working medium, which is ice water. In terms of its construction, it has basically the same structure as heating systems, but it is powered not by hot but by cold water, with supply parameters of 5-10°C and return 10-16°C. Ice water is thus called this because of its low temperature. It is produced in the so-called chiller, which is an ice water generator. The chiller generates ice water, which is distributed through a pipe system from the source to the receivers. In this system, a large number of mixers play a very important role, controlling the flow of water to individual consumers. Due to its uncomfortable solidity, ice water generally occurs as a solution and consists of ethylene or propylene glycol with water or other brines.

How does the chiller work?

Chillers, or chillers, or chillers are the source of this factor and play the role of heat exchangers. Such units can be used in office buildings, production halls, shopping malls or hotels. Each chiller will be a source of cooling for air conditioning. Installation using a chiller is trouble-free because, in contrast to classic freon air conditioning, leaks are very rare. The chiller works directly in connection with the cooler, located in the air handling unit or in cooperation with fan coil units, which are mounted in the room. You can learn more about the operation of the chiller at energycool.pl


Components of chilled water installations

In addition to chillers, the installation must also use receivers whose function is performed by fan coils, which are water-air heat exchangers. When the airflow is triggered by the fan coil, in which the ice water is flowing, we will cause the heat to be taken away from it and the temperature of the ice water to rise by about 5-6 degrees Celsius. Ice water will not be able to flow to the final consumer if the cooling system is deprived of the water supply pump at pressure.

The heart of the system is always the chiller, which drains heat from the liquid and produces chill water. It goes to the fan heat exchangers or other terminal equipment, and when heated in the exchangers it returns to the unit. These heat exchangers can be cooled by means of condensers and liquid coolers. Evaporative cooling has many advantages over air and water cooling. Air is always available, although its thermodynamic properties are slightly worse than those of water, but its availability is limited. However, if we combine water and air as cooling agents in a cooling system at the same time, we can use their advantages to compensate for the disadvantages. Absorption and evaporation cooling can be used with chilled water.

The best solution is to bring the water into direct contact with the air, with the simultaneous supply of heat, which results in a process of non-diabatic water evaporation into the air. On the one hand, the latent heat of the humidifying water vapour is discharged through the air, and on the other hand, the sensible heat, which is absorbed from the water surface by the air stream. Such an installation can be an alternative to freon air conditioning systems - cheaper, although sometimes difficult to design.



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