Hair moisturizer - rescue after the holidays

hair moisturizer

Every woman's dream is beautiful, healthy and well-groomed hair. Unfortunately, not every one of us can enjoy the lush, natural hair that arouses admiration and jealousy. Sometimes nature needs some help. Many negative factors influence the condition of our hair. First and foremost, these are hairdressing treatments: too much lightening, colouring, straightening, permanent waving, decolouring or, more recently, increasingly fashionable hair thickening and extensions.

Stress and poor nutrition can cause our hair to start to fall out, and poorly chosen cosmetics can also contribute to this. Weather conditions also add up to five cents. Strong holiday sunshine dries hair very dry. And it's after the holidays that we need to take special care of our hairstyles.

Hair Humidifier

A great method to help us nourish our hair after the summer holidays is a steam bath in a professional hairdressing salon. Special hair moisturizers, i.e. very professional hairdressing equipment, are used for this treatment. How does such a humidifier work? During the treatment, the moisturizer produces warm water vapour, which expands micro hair cells (i.e. hair scales), thanks to which the used hairdressing preparations are better absorbed and reach deep into the hair structure. Depending on the needs and condition of the hair, moisturizing agents such as argan masks or nourishing and rebuilding creatine ampoules are used, which penetrate with the steam to fill in the hair loss. Sometimes the name of the sauna is also used for this treatment. More and more hairdressing establishments invest in such professional hairdressing equipment and include such treatments in their offer. They are a kind of rescue for damaged and dry hair, which needs immediate nourishment and hydration.

New Soffio Ayala humidifier

New Soffio humidifier from AYALA. Photo: https://ayala.com.pl/product/sprzet-elektryczny/nawilzacz-new-soffio/

Ayala Hair Humidifier

There are many companies that offer such devices. One such company is Ayala. It is a company that specializes in producing professional hairdressing salon equipment. In our offer we can find high class furniture, made of the highest quality materials, which are very comfortable and functional. On the company's website you will also find basic hairdressing equipment (dryers, straighteners) as well as more advanced ones.

The Ayala humidifier is equipped with additional ozone therapy functions. Ozone has a salutary effect on our hair, nourishes the bulbs, improves the blood supply to the scalp, so that the hair grows faster, has a bactericidal and antiseptic effect. An additional benefit of this device is that the hairdresser can choose a standing or hanging version for his salon, whichever is more functional in the salon.

Treatments performed with the use of a moisturizer are an easy way to healthy and beautiful hair, especially those that were exposed to the sun. After the holidays, it will help us moisturize and rebuild the scales of our hair.



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