The most popular plugins for WordPress

WordPress is a common software, often used as a CMS to create company websites, websites or just the most ordinary pages. It's simple and intuitive to use, so every new user will quickly cope with it and learn the functions associated with it. To make WordPress even more helpful and enjoy its advantages, you need to install the right plugins, which is really a lot and remains to be chosen.

Most of them are free, but very functional, adding charm to the site, just keep in mind that there can't be too many, because it will slow down the site. We present some plug-ins, which we think are most helpful.

Firstly, safety

You know or don't know, but backing up in WordPress is very important. If there is any unnecessary and automatic data update on your WordPress, you may lose all your data, what if you have a lot of entries? Irrecoverable loss? If you buy a WP-DB-Backup, you will feel much more secure. The plug-in will back up for you from time to time, and then you can set a repeat time - you can decide for yourself how long you need to make such a record. Probably depending on how much content you have and how often you add it. And what is important is that you can save the copies on your e-mail for example. Comfortable and how easy!

SEO optimisation

Yoast SEO - one of the most popular contacts for SEO entries, if not the most popular, so why not have it? It is also easy to use (configuration also), so if you have your own website is a must, but very useful. It gives the possibility to automatically set meta tag scheme, tags for popular social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter) and e.g. XML page maps, which is one of the basic elements of page optimization. A pure revelation in terms of positioning.

Social Media

Without Social Media you can't build a good marketing strategy now, so the Social media widget plug-in is very helpful here. It supports various social portals and has interesting applications. It is easy to use and creates a side social media widget with links that can be clicked on and then an additional window opens. Uploading photos, interesting information, please. You will be in touch with the whole world. This is a good idea to increase the popularity of the site, and the share counter (another option to place) gives us motivation to place even better and more original entries. What you don't do for popularity.

Sale possibility

The WooComerce plug-in, which allows you to easily integrate your webshop with WordPress, will certainly be useful here. You have full control over your sales. The plug-in has become so popular that it is used in many online shops because it is free and really useful, so what can you complain about? WooComerce allows you to sell any products, expand your payment options and offer shipping to all countries of the world. After installing it, you will see how simple and, above all, comfortable it is.

Commentary system

Disqus Comment System is a plug-in that allows you to comment on entries on pages and blogs. Its possibilities prove so popular that it is used by more and more people all over the world, it is also very comfortable to use and childishly simple. You don't have to fill out any unnecessary forms to be able to do so and write anything. Comments can be sorted, rated, deleted or blocked by you, and you can subscribe via RSS/mail. You can also sign in with Google, Twitter or Google+ accounts. You'll always have the same nickname, making it easier to recognize on the web. You can comment on any number of pages with a specific profile.

Reports and website analyst

The tool for analyzing web statistics is primarily Google Analytics, which allows you to check whether you have invested well in advertising and whether it is profitable for you. The functions of this online tool include availability in many languages, availability of API, easy cooperation of the account with AdWords accounts or generation of several dozen reports, which refer to movements on the site or conversion rates. Easy to use and so many possibilities - find out how often someone visits your site and when exactly, and then you'll know what to do about it.


Do you want your customers to find your company quickly and not to include more pages in the search? You need to get a Google Maps plug-in which will be the right solution. You mark your location on the map and the recipient already knows where you are. Set any points and create your own map with tags. An indispensable solution for a company blog, traveler and online shop.

Let's keep in touch

The user has read your website (if you don't have it yet, check http://wiwi.pl/tworzenie-stron-wordpress-cennik/), has read the necessary information about the company and has viewed all products, but is looking for a contact? Know that this is a mandatory option. Create a contact form to make your contact easier. One query, one click and you receive a message, without having to write emails and look for other forms of contact. Read the Contact Form 7 plugin and have a professional contact form. Huge opportunities you'll find out, ready?

If you don't have any of the plugins listed above, you have nothing to wait for. Keep up to date and improve your website. It's easy to operate them, and it will take you literally a while to learn their function. But first, think about what you expect from the plug-in and what it is for, because why overload the site? Make sure you don't lose data and, above all, stay in touch with the world with social media plugins. Well, then move on, good luck!

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