Sponsored articles - why use them in brand promotion?

Sponsored articles are an important part of content marketing campaigns. They are increasingly replacing traditional banners on websites and other forms of advertising. They are inexpensive and at the same time allow to effectively reach hundreds of thousands of recipients. Find out why it is worth using them to promote your brand.

Subtle advertising

Sponsored articles fit perfectly into contemporary reality. Advertising campaigns in the press or television, outdoor advertising (e.g. billboards, banners) or leaflets distributed in the streets or thrown into mailboxes are not best received by the public. The huge amount of such messages made people resistant to advertising, they know very well that they are typically persuasive messages whose only purpose is to encourage them to buy. For this reason, classic ads began to be perceived as very pushy.

Sponsored articles are of a different nature. This is where their merit and utility value comes into play. Their aim is to provide the recipients with specific knowledge and solve problems (answering a question entered in the search engine bar). Thus, these are reliable, expert content, which the Internet users themselves perceive as useful (they can use it every day, enrich their knowledge, learn new issues). The advertising message itself is very subtly woven into the editorial material, so the recipient doesn't get the impression that we want to sell him something pushy. This form of advertising is therefore received positively and does not arouse impatience like traditional messages.

One more plus of the sponsored article is worth emphasizing. Such content is targeted at Internet users who are really looking for a specific issue, and therefore are interested in the topic. The answer given is therefore in a way perceived as help. Traditional commercials are very often imposed on viewers when they are busy with something else (e.g. TV spots interrupt watching an exciting film or a favourite series).

Increase in range

Sponsored articles allow to promote the company among thousands of recipients. Content posted regularly on read national or regional portals and on very popular blogs is an excellent way to increase coverage. If they are reliable, readers will treat the company that posted them the same way. This allows not only to increase brand recognition on the market, but also to build around it regular customers. There is a good chance that some of them will become our customers, because most people are more willing to buy from a brand they already know (it has aroused their trust). They may also recommend the services or products offered.

Regular publication of sponsored articles is a good way to present your company as an expert in your industry. Reliable information, news from the market or practical advice will then be seen as an engagement in the business. Support for website positioningYou can not only subtly promote your brand and offered products or services in sponsored articles, but also place active links. They can lead to the homepage or subpages (in the online shop). Links from reliable, well-known portals, services and blogs are excellent support for SEO. Modern link building is more demanding than it was a few years ago, so links from random forums or inactive sites are not welcome by Google. The links from the readings are excellent support for positioning. In this way our company becomes more visible in Google. This in turn increases traffic on the site and the traffic can turn into conversion (selling products or services).



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