A plant aquarium or an aquarium with fish?

Beginner aquarium hobbyists often wonder whether to reach for a plant aquarium or to decide to breed aquarium fish right away. The decision is not easy, and each option can be almost as spectacular and attractive.

Plant Aquarium - the main flora

An aquarium full of plants is not as typical and popular as an aquarium with fish, but plant-based aquaristics are gaining in popularity. An aquarium filled with plants has its own unique charm - it is pure green and many other shades, which are characteristic for aquatic plants. Vegetable aquariums require a little less effort than those with fish, but you also need to take time to look after and look after them to ensure that the visual effect is appropriate.

A plant aquarium is a good idea for a person interested in aquaristics, but not necessarily willing to pay much attention to feeding and taking care of fish. The plants will also not be able to cope fully on their own in the aquarium, but the care treatment for the plants themselves is somewhat easier. A plant aquarium can be extremely phenomenal when you reach for exotic plant varieties, but it is worthwhile to be careful and focus on easy-to-grow varieties at first, as beginner aquarists make various mistakes that plants with high requirements might not be able to handle.

Aquarium with fish

The decision to keep aquarium fish is also a very good choice, not only for advanced aquarists. Aquarium fish are a very diverse group of fish, including very demanding species as well as those that will be suitable for beginners. This is the whole charm of aquaristics - an aquarium can be supplemented, changed and expanded after a time when you gain experience and willingness for new challenges, but at the beginning you need to know the answer to the key question: which aquarium for fish?

Aquariums for fish should absolutely not be spherical. Although a goldfish in a round aquarium looks lovely and has been written down in the memory by the sight of such pictures in fairy tales and movies, you should not really choose such a vessel. The Pupilo.pl store expert advises to choose only aquariums recommended by breeders (rectangular, square, panoramic, with bent windscreen). The exact size of the aquarium depends only on how our farm is to look like and how much space we have at our disposal, but a 25 litre aquarium can be considered a minimum for individual fish, although it is best to reach for larger models - 30, 50 or 60 litres.

Aquarium and terrarium

Some people with an old fish tank decide to use it for further animal breeding (spiders, reptiles, rodents). This is not always a good idea due to the specifics of these two types of containers.

An aquarium is a fully airtight vessel with quite high walls, the cover of which is usually equipped with lighting, sometimes also with other solutions for aquaristics. A terrarium is, in turn, a container with a different specificity. Many models have ventilation holes and completely different shape and dimensions than typical aquariums. The cover, if any, has ventilation holes. Fish and aquatic plants are kept in aquariums and certain animal species can be kept in terrariums.

Is it worth to decide on an aquarium?

Aquaristics is a very popular hobby and an opportunity to fulfill dreams of creating a majestic water ecosystem by yourself. Observation of plants moving in the water and possible fish provides a positive experience, calms, calms and relaxes. A well thought-out aquarium will be a great decoration of the interior and a way to realize your own passions. A plant aquarium will provide an interesting aesthetic experience, and an aquarium with fish teaches attention, responsibility and provides as many aesthetic stimuli. After all, colorful fish and plants are the most beautiful decoration of the interior, but also living organisms that are under the care of the aquarium hobbyist. It is worth to decide on an aquarium as long as it is in line with our interests and we have the opportunity to actively deal with it.

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