New innovative Neptuns structures premiered at the Tommorowland Festival

Neptunus, a company specialising in providing temporary structures for events, presented its latest innovative solution - Salacia - during the Tomorrowland music festival, where tens of thousands of participants had the opportunity to see the spectacular round building.

Specially designed for the festival, the Salacia structure was placed on floating pontoons in the "Garden of Madness" zone. This year's edition of the event entitled "Amicorum Spectaculum - Magic will happen" took place in Boom, Belgium.

"We are very proud of the fact that this completely circular structure is premiered at the Tomorrowland Festival," says Neptunus director Dorrie Eilers. "Our research and development department is constantly working to improve existing solutions and introduce new structures. It happens that our customers themselves demand a particular construction - this was also the case here. After many years, Tomorrowland wanted to create something new that no one had ever built before. It was a challenge we decided to take up and, after a few brainstorms, we came up with the idea of a completely circular structure, which of course will not be easy to implement. At the same time, it is an ideal addition to our portfolio for our 80th anniversary!"

The new construction was named Salacia in honour of the Roman goddess of the sea and Neptune's wife and joined the Evolution series. The building attracts attention because of its versatile use. The span of the building is 30 meters, but it can be extended with a 5 meters additional roof. The height is between eight and 12 metres. The structure may be opened or closed by walls or glass panels. The roof is hydraulically lifted for quick installation. In addition, Salacia can be added as a semi-circle to the existing Evolution structure.

Festival attractions

In addition to the Garden of Madness in the new version, Neptunus built the Freedom zone using the Evolution construction. In the middle, there is a 50 x 70 m parquet floor with a U-shaped mezzanine, which provides a perfect view of the DJ platform.

In another place on the festival grounds, Neptunus has built the Tripledecker Gallery for the main comfort zone for VIP guests. This 2,400 m2 hall has three floors and a unique roof structure, providing guests with a good view of the main stage.

In addition, Neptunus built the LEAF zone, a floating space that was connected to the quay by two pontoons.

About Neptunus

Founded 80 years ago, Neptunus remains a family business, known for the creativity and innovation of its temporary structures. Headquartered in the Netherlands and with branches in the UK, Belgium, Germany, France, Poland and Austria, the company has been very successful in designing, manufacturing and supplying all types of temporary buildings. Its warehouses contain over 450,000 m2 of high quality constructions in various styles.



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