Ethiopia - a trip to the cradle of humanity with a travel agency.

Ancient history, picturesque landscapes, fun festivals and much more - Ethiopia has something to offer for curious travellers. The unique calendar, old alphabet and numerical system are just some of the things that distinguish this somewhat hidden country on the map of Africa. It is relatively close to Europe - after all, it is Egypt's southern neighbour. Tourists usually choose the countries on the Mediterranean coast. Is that right? Perhaps, but it is worth making an exception and going to Ethiopia for once. Here are some reasons why Ethiopia should be on your wish list right now.

Extremely picturesque landscapes

Dry plains, spectacular mountains, lush vegetation and vast lakes stand out from the picturesque Ethiopian landscape. The country boasts the largest number (in percentage terms) of mountains in the entire continent. Whether you're in the Semien Mountains or the Danakil Desert, which is the largest area of geographical depression, every corner of the country offers a pleasant view.

Tasty food and a wide range of local specialties

From the delicacy of raw meat to an abundant vegetable dish, Ethiopia's cuisine is diverse and very aromatic, so it's definitely worth seeing for yourself. In many restaurants, meals are usually served on a shared plate to encourage a common meal. In this way, the owners try to maintain the tradition and make the visiting tourists even more immersed in the local culture. Injera, the country's basic food, appears on the table with great frequency. People eat with their right hand, while the injera is used to help themselves to the food.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee

Whatever the reason that inspired you to become a coffee lover, tasting coffee from Ethiopia will further deepen your bond with the drink. Legend has it that magic coffee beans were first discovered in Ethiopia. The traditional coffee ceremony in Ethiopia is not just about drinking a cup to put us back on our feet - it's a social event where people talk, joke and discuss future plans.

Ethiopia and its tourist attractions can enchant everyone. However, organizing a trip is not very easy, so the easiest way to travel to the cradle of humanity is to use a travel agency. Experienced companies will take care of the preparation of transport, accommodation and organization of entries once they reach Ethiopia.

Tys Ysat - breathtaking waterfall

The Tys Ysat Falls in Northern Ethiopia, a 45-metre drop, is one of the largest waterfalls you can see on the African continent (actually the 2nd largest. When water falls, it creates a kind of smoke that gives the impression of fog surrounding the area. The Blue Nile River is the main tributary of the Great Nile - the longest river in the world.

You can go back in time

Ethiopia is still in 2012! The Ethiopian calendar functions according to the ancient Coptic calendar, which makes it "lag behind" seven or eight years (depending on the month) behind the Gregorian calendar. The difference between the two calendars results from the calculations determining the date of the Annunciation of the birth of Jesus Christ. There are many amazing places to visit in Ethiopia. Check what awaits you by going there with the travel agency https://logostour.pl/kraje/etiopia.

This is the cradle of humanity

Lucy, called Dinkenesh in Ammarian, is the skeleton of an early human ancestor discovered in Ethiopia. A replica of the fossil, which is more than 3.2 million years old, is located in the National Museum of this country and is available for public visits. Selam, another fossil discovered in Dikika, Ethiopia in 2000, has further confirmed Ethiopia's status as a place of human origin. Those who are particularly interested in archaeology can go to the Awash and Omo valleys, which are paleontological sites registered by UNESCO.

A long history of Christianity and Islam

Orthodox Christianity is a widely practised religion in Ethiopia. The second largest religion is Islam. Founded in the 4th century, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is one of the oldest churches in the world. The history of Islam in Ethiopia dates back to around 615 A.D., when the first Muslims came to the country in search of shelter from persecution in Mecca. The peaceful relationship between the followers of both religions is as strong as the history of the whole country. When travelling to Ethiopia it is necessary to visit places that are the legacy of both religions.

Great nature and bird watching

From the Brown Geladium, the rarest monkey in the world, to the endangered Arabian Capricorn and the Ethiopian wolf, Ethiopia offers an extraordinary variety of wildlife and endemic animals. It is also one of the best places to observe birds, with birds such as the Turks and the Ore Mountains.

Ethiopia is home to over 80 ethnic groups

Ethiopia is a melting pot of different cultures with over 80 ethnic groups and languages. After looking at the different traditions you will have the impression that you have visited, not one, but several different countries. The Hamer tribe, the Mursi people and the Omo valley tribes are some of the many ethnic groups that lead a spectacular, traditional lifestyle.



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