Powerful batteries and other laptop accessories

Changing the battery in your laptop is something that sooner or later every user must face. Changing all your equipment when your laptop becomes less energy efficient makes no sense and is uneconomical. You get used to your laptop, when you know the layout of the keys instinctively, you get better comfort from using it. "Moving" to a new machine equals learning everything from scratch. The battery will finally start to fail. Frequent recharging, constant holding of the laptop on an energy leash, lack of proper air circulation (or a cooling pad) all of this affects the increase in the rate of daily use.

Replacement versus original part

In the past, it was accepted that electronic equipment could not be woven differently than through a service technician. Changing the battery in your laptop is not an open-hearted operation, it takes a few minutes and is trouble-free. The problem is definitely the battery. On the market there are original batteries dedicated to the appropriate brand and dedicated substitutes as well. Choosing one of the two routes will determine how the equipment will manage in the future. Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons:

1) Original batteries - they give you the greatest assurance that everything will be 100% compatible with the physical and electronic needs of your equipment. The minus is the price and if the user goes to the service long waiting time for a new part. Original batteries give you more confidence, but not necessarily power and prolong the life of your equipment.

2) Dedicated brand replacements - this is already a wider product category where you can find real gems. The Battery World Shop offers batteries that are physically identical to the originals, but are over-performing in terms of performance. Green Cell batteries are divided into standard, pro and ultra, where standard is the normal energy dimension, pro are batteries that have up to 20% more base capacity, and Ultra up to 50% more. As a result, they are solutions for more demanding users, who do not want to keep their laptop on the cable all the time and appreciate real mobility.

Many batteries have interesting design differences from the originals. They are slightly larger - due to additional lithium-ion or lithium-polymer cells, which increase the base battery capacity. As a result, the battery lifts the laptop slightly up, providing better airflow underneath - a good solution for people who don't use cooling pads.

Shop news

Laptop accessories are an extremely wide product category, You can quickly get lost on the web by browsing through piles of products that will or could match your equipment.

It is worth narrowing down your search to a few basic products such as: powerbanks for laptops (quick recharging of equipment without a cable on the move), car converters (allowing you to quickly recharge your laptop from the cable from the cigarette lighter socket), replaceable keyboards (for worn, jammed or noisy buttons), batteries, cooling pads and power supplies (which are most marginalized in terms of importance from all of your laptop equipment).

Having these additives and substitutes in stock will allow you to enjoy the trouble-free operation of your equipment for a longer time and extend its life by several months. As a result, the purchase of a new machine will become redundant and the user will be able to operate efficiently on familiar equipment.

Wide range of batteries for laptops and other devices available in the Battery World store.

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