Can you earn money from climate change?

Investors can save the planet and still make money. Although it sounds unbelievable, because it was maximum consumerism and the desire for profit that overwhelmed global resources and led to global warming, the fate of the environment now rests in money. People don't have to give up their income, just modify their actions. How? One way is to invest in appropriate solutions.

Where to start?

There are many investment funds, governmental and stock exchange funds, which have been created with a view to protecting the environment. Their main task is to increase efficiency and help them to obtain not only financial support for modernising their production processes, but also information on how their strategies address climate problems.

Climate change has contributed to a recent series of natural disasters and is just as real as political problems or armed conflicts. There is little point in denying their existence, so investors should consider right now how they can realistically adapt their activities for the benefit of the environment while keeping investment objectives in mind. This means that they must take into account aspects such as:

  • the level of risk taken,
  • time horizon of the investment,
  • minimum investment requirements,
  • potential tax consequences.

You can read more about how business is changing at https://pro.bureauveritas.pl/.

Conduct the tests properly

Before you put money into a fund and invest in it, you need to consider whether investment managers are fulfilling their promises to stop climate change. It is worth reading about the methods of analysis and selection of the fund. You can also check the fund's proxy voting policy and how the attitude of the most important people in the organisation is evaluated. We should also not forget to analyse individual companies in their portfolios, checking what they report on climate change.



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