Sri Lanka - weather and seasons

Sri Lanca is an increasingly popular destination for those who dream of exotic travels. There are many factors that contribute to this - fabulously beautiful and lush adventure, favourable weather conditions, friendly inhabitants and reasonable prices, which make it possible to find here, for example, accommodation for every pocket. Not without significance is also the fact that in Sri Lanka you can both relax lazy on the beach and e.g. visit the tea plantations, for which the island is known around the world.

"When is the best time to go to Sri Lanka? - There is no bad time to visit this exotic place. It is because of the exceptionally favorable climate that Sri Lanka is such a popular tourist destination. You can have a great rest here all year round. " - says an expert from http://phontour.pl/a/kukv,praktyczny-poradnik-co-warto-wiedziec-przed-wyjazdem-sri-lanki, who specializes in this very region of Asia.

What is the climate like in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka's climate is equatorially humid. This means that there is a high temperature combined with heavy rainfall. Although we cannot distinguish the classic dry season here, rainfall is not regular - it is much more frequent in spring and autumn. Tourism is favoured by the lack of extremely high temperatures, which for many people are difficult to bear. In Sri Lanka, outside the mountainous areas, the temperature ranges from d 22 °C in winter to 33 °C. It is also worth remembering that the air humidity is very high here - the lowest is 60%, and can reach up to 80%.

What's the weather like in Sri Lanka?

The weather in Sri Lanka is generally good, but the conditions depend largely on which region of the country we are talking about, because the differences are quite considerable. So in Sri Lanka we can distinguish two tourist seasons. The first one falls in winter, between December and February, when it is quite dry and the rainfall is decreasing. Although it's a popular time for travels, prices are lower during this period, which is an advantage for many people. Not without significance is also the fact that this is the time of Christmas, New Year's Eve, and in many countries also winter holidays, i.e. situations which favour the decision to leave exotically. Because doesn't welcoming the New Year at the beach sound great?

The classic peak of the tourist season is in Sri Lanka from June to August, which coincides with the summer holidays in most countries and holiday seasons, which also encourages the influx of tourists. Apart from the weather, Sri Lanka is also attracted by numerous attractions, such as the summer festivals that are organized here. It is also the best time for trips around tea plantations, which is one of the biggest tourist attractions of this country.

Does this mean that there is no point in going to Sri Lanka outside the tourist season? Absolutely not! At any time of the year we can find something interesting here and we can have an attractive rest. It is important to choose the right region of Sri Lanka by the time of departure, because the difference between the different parts in terms of weather is considerable. Throughout the year very good conditions prevail in the central part of the island, although in October and November the rainfall may be increased.

If you are planning a beach holiday on the east coast, it is best to go there in the summer - from June to August there are ideal weather conditions. It is better to avoid this part of the country between November and March. If you are planning to go to Sri Lanka at this time, it is worthwhile to go to the west coast. Then the weather is excellent there, and the temperature of about 30 °C is good for warming up on the beach.



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