Rainbow waters - where you will see the most beautiful lakes in the world

The most beautiful lakes in the world

Volcanic, post-glacial, salt and even filled with boiling sulphur - these lakes are true natural wonders. Diners Club Polska, publisher of cards for travelers, presents rainbow water reservoirs, which will not only delight the eye, but also provide an extraordinary experience.

1. Pink Lake - Australia

In western Australia, in the Golden Outbacki region, 3 km from the city of Esperance, there is a salt lake, which changes the shade of water into a slightly pink and violet one under appropriate weather conditions. It owes its unusual colour to the high concentration of algae and bacteria which, in order to ensure their survival, produce a suitable dye (beta-carotene). The unique colouring of the water is not the only distinguishing feature of the lake. Pink Lake is also a place where a large number of birds not very well known to Europeans, such as black-headed plumbers and crocodiles, are concentrated. It is also worth mentioning that as much as 99% of the salt found in the lake is used to produce table salt.

2 Magical waters on Flower Island - Flores (Indonesia)

On the Indonesian island of Flores there is the Kelimutu volcano, and in its crater there are three lakes that change their colour depending on the season. The lake of "Old People" remains mostly blue, while "Young Men and Girls" and "Enchanted" change their colours to green, orange, brown or even red. Scientists explain the phenomenon by the action of volcanic gases that produce chemical reactions at the bottom of the tank. However, the inhabitants of the island have a different theory on this subject. According to local legends, it is better to avoid this place from afar, because in the water depths there are souls of the dead.

3. Devil's Lake - Wai-O-Tapu (New Zealand)

Near Rotorua, in the northern part of the island, one of New Zealand's biggest geothermal attractions is located. Located within the reserve, Devil's Bath Lake was naturally created by several hundred years of geothermal and volcanic activity. It owes its colour to floating sulphur deposits and active minerals. The lake evaporates, boils, explodes, and bubbles. It is extremely hot (at a depth the temperature can reach up to 200 degrees Celsius) and does not smell good. Bathing in it is forbidden! It is also worth adding that the object was included in the list of "200 most surreal places in the world".

4 Plitvice Lakes - Small Band Mountains (Croatia)

16 karst lakes form the oldest National Park in Croatia. They are connected to each other by numerous waterfalls, located at different altitudes (from 503 m above sea level to 636 m above sea level). The water in the tanks sparkles with many colours - from transparency to intense turquoise, which is due to the calcium carbonate at the bottom. Shades of grey, yellow and green are due to the sun's rays, minerals and creatures floating in the depths. The surrounding lakes are overgrown with a beech forest, where nearly 1100 plant species grow. It's a true wonder of Croatian nature. The park is a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage site.

Unusual lakes

5. Morning Glory Pool - Yellowstone (USA)

These are famous hot springs located in the Yellowstone National Park. Their temperature reaches up to 70 degrees Celsius. The blue colour of the water is the result of the cyanobacteria present at the bottom. The others are red, orange and yellow, which are the result of human activity. Tourists, throwing coins and trash into the pool, blocked the vents. This has led to the development of further bacteria that leave coloured rings on the water surface.

6. Perito Moreno - Santa Cruz (Argentina)

Glacial lake Perito Moreno is one of the biggest tourist attractions in southern Patagonia. Its size is impressive - it is almost 5 km wide, 30 km long, and its height in places reaches as high as 70 m above sea level. The unusual colours of the water - transparent, light blue and white are due to the masses of ice and sun reflected on the surface of the lake. It is worth adding that this place is the third largest drinking water reserve in the world. If you don't just admire it, you can go for an organized glacier trek.

- As Diners Club research shows, we are becoming more and more demanding tourists - every fourth of our countrymen on holiday is looking for opportunities to get to know extraordinary places - preferably those that will provide unforgettable impressions and emotions - says Monika Grabowska from Diners Club Polska

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