Dresses - this winter's trend

If the dresses are your favourite dressing item, we have great news for you! Sweater dresses, knitted dresses and mini dresses are very fashionable in the winter season! Among the many proposals you will certainly choose a model that will suit you perfectly.

The shorter the dress... the longer the boots!

Winter, contrary to appearances, is the perfect time to wear dresses. Moreover, winter is a great time for mini dresses! They will differ from short dresses in the summer version mainly in terms of the material they are made of. Winter mini dresses are made of soft and warm knitted fabrics - from various types of wool, cotton or acrylic. Most often they have a knitting and sweater structure, which provides a feeling of warmth and pleasantly wraps the whole body. For short mini dresses it's worth to wear thicker tights and above all long boots! They look very impressive and provide pleasant warmth.

You don't have to give up your dresses in winter!

If you like warmth and sweaters in every possible form, you will certainly like the trend of long knitted dresses. Such a styling may consist, for example, of a grey, long and body-fitting dress. You can put a loose-fitting cardigan on it. Winter styling will be complemented by taller boots, baggers or straight daggers.

Fashionable and warm dresses-swetters

Another winter dress proposal will be a model that will be perfect for informal trips, meetings with friends or for a weekend trip. The warmest and most comfortable version of winter dresses is a combination of a dress and a sweater. This season, the designers have focused on promoting such comfortable models. The more a dress resembles a sweater, or the more a sweater resembles a dress - the better! We start here with large models that are not supposed to emphasize the shape of the silhouette, but on the contrary, they are supposed to wrap it up and make all lines soft and light. Such dresses are usually rectangular in shape and the sleeves can be in the form of bats, gloves or large tunnels, in which frozen hands can be easily hidden.

What do you connect a dress-sweater with?

Such a large sweater dress looks very good with tall boots, leather boots or male workers. Shoes can be a good counterbalance to the delicate and streamlined cut of a dress. The more studs, decorations, buckles and rivets, the more interesting the effect will be. Another element that you can match with a warm and spacious dress for the winter is a large, woolen necklace or geometric beads with interesting decorations. Such jewellery will softly blend into the woollen layers and the whole style will gain an original character.

Golf in winter dresses provides a nice warmth

In winter dresses, both long and mini dresses, golf is a very interesting element. We have a lot of choice, because winter dresses can be equipped with matching golfs, which slenderize and emphasize the beautiful shape of the neck, but they can also be ones that cover the neck and half face with their extended form. The choice of the right type of golf therefore depends primarily on your preferences, but also on the type of meeting you want to wear your winter golf dress for.



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