"Breathtaking" Visual Art Festival "Inspirations" in Szczecin

Artistic performance

"Breathtaking" is the motto of the twelfth International Festival of Visual Art Inspirations. Translating into Polish is breathtaking. The event itself will start on June 30th in Szczecin. The program is incredibly powerful. It includes happenings, exhibitions, meetings with artists as well as performances. The main event of the festival is of course the exhibition "Breathtaking".

It is she who presents works by contemporary artists from North America, Europe and Australia and Oceania. It was carried out by Rob Garrett, or by the New Zealand curator. It is Szczecin that he perceives as a breathtaking place. He pays a lot of attention to the water character of the city as well as to the breath, which he understands as the life force of modern people. This is what director Krzysztof "Ked" Olszewski "Inspirations" more or less said during the press conference on Monday. An installation called "Lust" will be created on Grodzka Island. The author is Olga Milczyńska. It consists of a good few dozen so-called "wind catchers"

As a curiosity it is worth noting that this festival has been organized for many years. Exactly the first festival was organized in 2005. At that time it was called FFK, the Festival of Creative Photography. Every year this event regularly changes its formula. Along with the formula, of course, the main theme also changes.

Previous passwords of previous editions are of course among others:

- "Memores"

- "Sacrum-profanum"

- "Space"

- "Glamour"

- "Paradise"

Art exhibitions

In all the editions that have taken place so far, about 600 renowned artists from all over Poland and the world have already taken part.

You can name characters like that here:

- Zbigniew Rybczyński

- Lech Majewski

- Łódź Kaliska Group

- Zbigniew Libera

- Katarzyna Kozyra

- Peter Greenaway

- Eva&Adele

- Karim Rashid,

- Russian group Aes+F

- Sissel Tolaas

- Czech performer David Cerny.



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